iOS Forensics


Did you loose or crash your iPhone? Do you need a printed copy of your Messages? Maybe iOS Forensics is the app for you.

iOS Forensics is a free app (free for a limited time) to recover the content of your iPhone(R) / iPad(R) / iPod(R) backups (iOS 7 and 8). At the moment the app can recover:

  • Recent calls;
  • Messages (from the built-in messages app);
  • Media, both from gallery ¬†and Messages, eventually including some deleted ones (Messages Media only);
  • Address book;


The app is still under development but the released functions are fully working. All you need is a Mac and backups made with iTunes, without encryption.

Donations are really welcome to keep the development ongoing. In case the app becomes non-free, all donors will still be able to use it for free.

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